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Promotions Plus

Driven by the need to "differentiate" at the point of purchase the last few years have seen a dramatic rise in the use of synthetic substrates. Affording increased durability and enabling the production of geometries simply not feasible using conventional board, designers have been quick to seize the advantage.

In pack and on pack premiums, shelf talkers, die cut shelf strips mimicking 3D graphics and wobblers can be produced on a wide variety of plastic substrates. Magazine cover mounts, posters, wipe-clean menus, customised binders, folders and bookmarks manufactured employing synthetics substrates increase the perceived value of the products.

Most synthetics materials offer a gloss or matt finish and specific requests for products requiring chemical and temperature resistance can be accommodated. Materials commonly used include: PVC, APET, Self Adhesive Vinyl, High Impact Polystyrene and Polypropylene.

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