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In Mould Labelling (IML)

Label detail of an IML productKnown as (IML), it is a cost effective means of decorating a bucket or container with high definition graphics and text. The 'host material' (bucket or container) and the label substrate material from which the label is being made are similar, enabling a molecular bond to take place during the moulding process.

A collection of in mould label productsInjection moulding machines are fitted with a handling mechanism which 'picks and places' the label from a stack. Labels are introduced onto the die or dummy core and held in place with a static charge. The die is closed and the material to be moulded is injected into the cavity containing the label. After a short 'dwell' time the cavity is opened and the bucket or container ejected.

Another IML label exampleIn addition to eliminating the need for subsequent labelling the process is fully automated, fast, hygienic and containers incorporating in-mould labels are easy to recycle. IML labels offer excellent opportunities for 'differentiation' at point of sale together with superb durability in adverse conditions.

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