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Got Questions?'s some we've been asked before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is In-Mould Labelling?

A. In-mould labelling is a technology that fuses a label directly onto the surface of your plastic moulding. Producing vivid colourfast labels which are not susceptible to peeling.

Q. What is the process:

  1. The label is printed onto a microfilm substrate.
  2. The label is cut to shape with a die punch.
  3. A static charge is applied which will hold the label in place inside the mould.
  4. The label is placed into the mould.
  5. The mould is closed and the plastic injected and cured.
  6. After curing, the mould is opened and the piece ejected.

The process is fully automated, robot arms manipulate the labels and place them into the moulds allowing high rates of throughput.

Q. Why use In-Mould Labelling?

A. Microfilm labels for in-mould labelling provide a crisp clean finish to any moulded plastic product. The labels are completely bonded to the plastic during the moulding process and will not peel away even when subject to extreme humidity. IML does not involve manual handling and modular delivery and virtually eliminates stoppage when a changeover is required.

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